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General Questions

Who could enter?

Racing at WRICH took place on new Concept2 Model D RowErgs with PM5 Monitors connected to the Time-Team Race system platform. Previous on-water rowing or Crossfit gym experience is not necessary. If you regularly use a Concept2 ergometer (indoor rower) test your self among the best indoor rowers. You will need to enter the age category that matches your age as of Race day.  

What does a ‘hybrid competition’ mean?

The 2023 World Rowing Indoor Championships is a hybrid competition. This means that there will be a mix of people competing in person, at the Paramount Fine Foods Centre in Mississauga with people who will compete virtually from anywhere in the world. Virtual and in-person competitors will compete against one another in real time.  Virtual competitors must earn a spot to compete by submitting a qualifying score and placing top 3 in their continent.  (See below if there are unfilled  spots in other continents.)  In-person competitors do not need to qualify and can enter a race.

How do I register to compete?

All entries – whether for virtual or in-person competitors – can be made via the entry portal at https://worldrowing.entries.regatta-systems.com/wrich/2023   The entry deadline is February 1 for submitting a score to earn a spot (up to 3 per continent) in the virtual.  February 8 is the entry deadline for open in-person entries and there is no limit or cap on the number of entries.

I am a Coach.  Can I register multiple competitors and make one payment?

Yes. Select the event you are registering your team for and click the link titled ‘Enter this category’. The page to ‘Add entry’ will appear.  Click the radio button next to ‘I am not participating myself in this entry’. Add the email address for each of your athlete’s. IMPORTANT – You will need each person’s email address to enter. Each email address for a team member must be their unique email address. To add additional lines, click the ‘Add another entry’ button. After all your athletes are input click the ‘Checkout’ button. You will then be directed to pay for the entries. Your athletes will receive an email prompting them to upload their identification document, identification photograph, and to sign the event waiver.

Can I change my entry from virtual to in-person if I decide to travel to Toronto?

Yes this is possible without paying a second entry fee. The cutoff date to switch to an in-person entry is February 8.

Can I change my entry to virtual if I am unable to travel?

Yes. The cutoff date to switch to a virtual entry is 1 February, provided you are able to upload a valid score by the deadline (February 1, 2023 13:00 UTC). There is no extra fee involved.

Can I get a refund if I am unable to race?

No, unfortunately refunds will not be issued if you are not able to race.

What happens if there are un-filled Virtual spots from other Continents?

If there are fewer than three (3) valid Qualification Scores from a particular continental region in a race category, the virtual place(s) available will be reallocated to the highest ranked competitor or team who has not already qualified from another continent. Refer to Competitor Entry Qualifications and Guidelines on World Rowing website.

If I entered a lightweight event on race weekend and fail to make weight, will I be able to enter an open weight event in my age category and race?

No, it is not possible. Competitors who believe they are at risk of failing to make weight should enter the open weight category directly.

How much does it cost to enter the race and when do entries close?

The entry fee for each race is $33.55 CAD. (Approx. 25 Euros). Entries for virtual competitors must be made and accepted by 1 February 2023.  Entries for in-person competitors can be made up until the close of 8 February 2023.

I am new to indoor rowing – do I have to be an experienced rower, or a member of a rowing club to enter?

All competitors are welcome to race in the WRICH regardless of their previous racing experience, or which community they represent. All competitors will need to complete a Competitor Commitment, Liability & Waiver – and then enter.



Racing In Mississauga

How many people will I be racing at the venue?  

There is no limit on in-person entries. Virtually the most that will be racing in the same category is 15 – only the top 3 qualification scores from each of the five continental regions.

How can I watch the racing action?  

The racing will be live streamed on www.worldrowing.com on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February 2023. Spectators and competitors will be able to watch the racing in the venue. Tickets can be purchased for general admission seating for the weekend or single day viewing. Adult tickets are $20.  Children under age 12 are free if accompanied by an adult. Competitors will have access to general seating in the Paramount Fine Foods Centre included with their entry fee.

Will my coach be able to sit next to me in the Race Zone and talk to me during my race? 

No. Your coach and supporters will not be able to enter the race floor. Only competitors and Race Officials are allowed on the race floor. Your coach will be able to watch and shout encouragement from the spectator seating area in the arena.

What day will my event take place – Saturday or Sunday? 

The 2023 WRICH Provisional Schedule shows the order of events and which day the races are scheduled.  Start times will be published in February when the number of entries are known.

Virtual qualification

How do I qualify to compete virtually?

To qualify virtually, competitors will need to complete a 2000m or 500m (or relay) before 1 February 2023, and submit it (along with a verification video) to the entry portal to be verified. Competitors can also race in a Sanctioned Event, and use their 2000m or 500m score from that event to try and qualify. For full instructions, please review the Competitor Entry and Qualification Guidelines published on the World Rowing event page.

Why do I have to qualify to race virtually?

A hybrid event is really logistically complex to organize. In order to minimize the chance of technical issues and schedule delays, as well as to ensure that the presentation of the event is clear and understandable, World Rowing have decided to restrict the number of virtual competitors to 15 per category. In doing so, a qualification process is needed.

If I send in a score now and am able to top that score later, can I resubmit a better score if achieved within the time window? Do I need to submit another entry or just update my score?

Qualification scores can be updated at any time before the close of the qualification period (1 February 2023) via the entry portal. You do not need to make and pay for another entry; you can simply update your score.

Can I race in a sanctioned event on a different continent to qualify to race virtually in the WRICH? (For example, if I am an American, can I race in the sanctioned event organized by Rowing Australia and use my score to qualify for the WRICH?)

In principle, yes. However, different Sanctioned Events will have different policies on international competitors racing. You should contact the organisers of the Sanctioned Event in question regarding whether you are able to compete. Be reminded that your qualification score will be included on the Leaderboard of the continental region of your nationality, regardless of which Sanctioned Event you competed in.

Can I get a refund if I do not qualify to race virtually at the WRICH?

Refunds will not be issued for competitors who fail to qualify, or failed to ensure that their Qualification Score was sufficiently verifiable as defined by World Rowing.

Virtual Competition

Can anyone compete virtually?

Anyone is eligible to compete virtually, so long as they have qualified in advance, and have the necessary setup to compete from home (or from their gym/club).

What time will my virtual race be?

Virtual competitors will race in real-time against this in-person competitors in Mississauga-Toronto. This means that virtual competitors can expect to race in between 8:30am and 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). For some, this might mean unusual hours – it’s all part of the experience!

I am a Para athlete – how can I race virtually?

In order to make the WRICH as accessible as possible, World Rowing will now accept a National Classification (in addition to an International Classification) for competition in the WRICH. If you are not currently classified, please contact your National Federation to schedule a classification panel.

If you have additional questions, please send an email to indoor@worldrowing.com